New Shwebo Pawsan paddy persists on high side

April 21


The price of new Shwebo Pawsan paddy continued to surge to K2.7 million per 100 baskets, according to Myanmar Shwebo Pawsan Paddy Producers and Exporters Association.


Starting from the end of 2022, newly harvested Shwebo Pawsan paddy has entered the market at K1.6 million per 100 baskets. The price was on a gradual rise and hit K2.7 million per 100 baskets.


Following the rocketing price of Shwebo Pawsan paddy, the price of Shwebo Pawsan rice also jumps to K97,000 per bag in the Yangon market.


The rice prices touched a high of K80,000 per bag of Pawsan from Myaungmya and Pathein, K75,000 for Pawsan from Pyapon, K73,000 for Pawsan from Dedaye, K80,000 for Kyapyan variety, K68,000 for Khunni, K54,000 for Ngasein, K61,000 for short-mature rice (90 days), K54,000 for Emahta, K68,000 for Pawkywe, K55,000 for rice grown under the double cropping system and K74,000 for new Pawsan rice, according to Myanmar Rice Traders Association (Wadan Rice Wholesale Centre).


Starting from 3 August, Myanmar Rice Federation, Myanmar Rice Producers and Planters Association, Myanmar Rice Millers Association, and traders and brokers engaged in Wadan Rice Wholesale Centre and Bayintnaung Rice Wholesale Centre have been working together to offer fair prices for Shwebo Pawsan from K75,000 per bag and other rice varieties to the consumers at the Wadan Wholesale Centre.


The offer prices are K52,000-55,000 per bag of Pawsan from the Ayeyawady area, K55,000-60,000 per bag of Kyapyan, and K35,000-37,000 per bag of short-matured rice varieties (90 days) at the Wadan Rice Wholesale Centre.


Each household can buy only one bag. The traders and retailers are not entitled to buy them. — NN/EM