Nurture saplings in summer for the coming monsoon

Now is summer in Myanmar. It is a preparatory time for growing trees in monsoon. Hence, farms under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation have started nurturing saplings to be distributed to people across the nation for doing green tasks in their environment.


Myanmar always holds tree-growing ceremonies in June and July when the monsoon brings a lot of rainwater to the country. At that time, rainwater treats hard soil from summer to be soft. So, rainwater is mixed with humus to be ready for the cultivation of saplings.


Millions of saplings are grown across the nation on a yearly basis as a public campaign so as to be the environment lush and green. Of them, some saplings are damaged and lost for various reasons. Hence, it is necessary to take lessons from the past events of growing the saplings in order to lose saplings in the relevant po­sitions. It is because the government spends a large sum of money on nurturing the saplings.


The report of the United Nations stated that some 7.3 million hectares of forests disappear across the world for various reasons on a yearly basis. At the same time, forest areas in Myanmar are facing deforest­ation for extraction of timbers and forest products for State income, reclamation of farm­lands in the forest areas, min­ing of minerals including gold, construction of dams and em­bankments, roads and bridges for infrastructures, and expan­sion of urban and rural areas for public residences.


The report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 2020 stated that Myanmar’s forests faced deforestation on 714,134 acres of areas on average yearly from 2010 to 2020. In consequence, deforestation brings bad im­pacts such as loss of biodiver­sity species, damage to soil, cli­mate change, and root causes of natural disasters. As such, people should grow trees as much as possible to lessen the impacts of deforestation and greening of the environment in urban and rural areas.


In 2021, the monsoon tree growing ceremonies were held in the entire nation under the plan for growing two-foot sap­lings for two years old to have resilience to climatic condi­tions. Moreover, local authorities raised public awareness to protect the already planted saplings by preventing the various dangers to harm the saplings and substitute the withered plants with new ones. Actually, it is sure that the concerted efforts of the people in growing saplings will not be wasted, and the remaining trees apart from withered ones will help improve the climate of the nation gradually.