Organize medical professionals for the production of COVID-19 vaccines

29 July


“ IT is necessary to produce the basic household medicines at home. Encouragement must be given to the production of quality and high potent medicines at industrial zones and factories,” said the Chairman of the State Administration Council in his guidance at the fifth coordination meeting of the COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment on 26 July.


Whenever imported the medicines including COVID-19 vaccines, we waited for a long time for our turn. It is because we have no capacity to manufacture the COVID-19 vaccine. If we have adequate technology for manufacturing the necessary medicines, it is no need to wait for our turn.


In fact, our country has intellectuals and intelligentsia to create initiatives for the production of any medicines. But they don’t have permission and encouragement from the authorities. If they have the green light, they are ready to produce necessary medicines for the sake of the people and the country. They don’ have any colour. They don’t have any bias. Their souls are always clean and free. They don’t have any ambition. They target to produce the medicines benefiting mankind.


As such, the authorities need to search for those medical professionals. At this junction, the authorities should contact those medical professionals with professional status. They don’t wish to obey any orders. They don’t wish for any positions. They know dos and don’ts. But they prefer to enjoy the fruits of their work process. They are in freedom style. They don’t like any orders for their works. If the authorities thoroughly organize those medical professionals, their work process will achieve success.


Hence, the authorities need to seek the best way of encouraging those medical professionals. Necessary assistance must be given to them to conduct their research. To be able to secure achievement in the production of medicines, the authorities need to spend the necessary costs and time on manufacturing the household medicines and other vaccines to be conducted by the professionals.


As soon as the work process starts, necessary assistance must be provided to the medical professionals. Those professionals must not be restricted under departmental rules and regulations. Freedom of creation must be given to them at full capacity. If so, manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccines and household medicines will achieve success in a short time. GNLM