Panamei white shrimp prepping for value added production upon strong market access

PANAMEI white shrimp pro­duced by commercial farms in Myeik Archipelago, Tanin­thayi Region fetches US$5,500 per tonne. Once it captures the strong market share in external markets, the shrimp farmers will ramp up the production to meet the demand and step up the business for value added shrimp products, according to Taninthayi Region Fisheries Federation.


Panamei white shrimp from Meik Archipelago is primarily exported to China and the de­mand on Panamei shrimp is as strong as Scorpion shrimp. The farmers aim for value-added sea­food production. Myanmar has signed a Memorandum of Un­derstanding (MoU) with Russia on the fisheries product sector. After the farming ponds and fishery product factories pass the test, Myanmar’s Panamei white shrimp will be geared up for export to Russia.


“Myanmar and Russia have signed a Government to Govern­ment pact for the fishery sector. Only the protocol on fisheries (checking fish processing) is left. Myanmar has been ship­ping seafood to European Union countries after an assessment protocol. Moreover, Myanmar’s Fisheries Department has a plan to enter into a MoU with China. When Russia gives green light to fish processing factories and fishing farms, Myanmar will start exporting seafood. If there is a direct shrimp export from Myeik city rather than through Yangon Region, it will bring more bene­fits. The market plays a pivotal role in seafood production. The strong market will increase the interest of the farmers and the locals,” Dr Toe Nanda Tin, senior vice chair of Myanmar Fisheries Federation.


It was over two decades that Panamei white shrimp farming businesses were found in Myeik archipelago. That breed was im­ported from Hawaii, the US and Myanmar adopted it. The pro­duction in the Panamei shrimp farming pond in Thailand is es­timated at 25 tonnes per acre, whereas Myanmar can produce 40 tonnes per acre. Thanks to the clean Myanmar’s marine envi­ronment, Myanmar’s seafood is of good quality. Myanmar delivers its seafood to over 40 internation­al markets. In addition to fish, eel and crab, five companies in the Myeik area execute shrimp farming as well.


“Panamei white shrimp is primarily sent to China. But they are not directly transport­ed. The G to G pact will ensure trade facilitation. Thailand also exports farmed Panamei shrimp to external markets. Myanmar’s shrimp is also exported to Japan after freezing. The foreign mar­ket is not that strong. Myanmar’s shrimp export to Russia is likely to go with the container shipment with cold chain rather than air cargo. The direct export from Myeik city will certainly create more benefits. The farmers are prepping to expand the business on international demand and to promote them as value-added products. Panamei shrimp farm­ing reaps a fruitful result in My­eik area,” U Thet Soe, secretary of Taninthayi Region Fisheries Federation.


At present, freshwater rohu is commonly sent to Bangladesh and other countries. The Pan­amei shrimps farmed in the salt­water farms of Myeik archipelago are being sent to international markets with $5,500 per tonne. —Nyein Thu (MNA)/GNLM