Poultry breeders get good price of eggs

July 22

Poultry breeders of Minbu (Sagu) township in the Magway region enjoy good selling due to price hikes on growing demand amid COVID-19 resurgence, according to the poultry breeders from Hsin Gaung village, Minbu (Sagu) township.

“There are three sizes of egg: small, middle, and big ones in our Hsin Gaung village. The egg prices have increased to K180, K200 and K220 per egg from about K80, K100 and K120 per one,” said Daw Aye Kywe, a retail-egg consumer.

Regarding poultry farming, the breeders are making less profit because the cost of the poultry farm is very high. Besides, sometimes, they are facing loss when the boiler chicken died due to climate changes. Temperatures of 18 to 25 Celsius are best for poultry chick farming.

This month, the price of chicken feeds has also risen. But the price of eggs is steady at around K100 per egg. This is the reason why the poultry breeders are making less profit. But it is convenient for the consumers. Since the beginning of July, the price of eggs has been fluctuating and the price has risen to K200 from K110 per egg.

“The villages that raise poultry chickens in Minbu (Sagu) township are Kyaukdon, Yedwingone, Chaungphyu, Thigone, Hsingaung, Zee Ai and Sagu.

There are three or four poultry farms in each village. Some of the local breeders are self-raising while some are joint-farming with foreign companies. Now, the local breeders are happy due to a good price of eggs this year,” said U Myint Aung, a local breeder from Hsin Gaung village. — Zeya Htet (Minbu)/GNLM`