Prioritize the resurgence of the tourism sector in Myanmar

In A couple of years, the tourism industry faced losses in its business triggered by the outbreak of Covid-19 in various waves throughout the world. Hence, relevant countries suspended operations of tourism services in all forms for travellers at home and abroad to be able to avoid the severe impacts of the infectious Covid-19 pandemic.


At a time when the infection rate of Covid-19 gradually declines day by day up to date, global countries resumed their economic mechanisms and lifted some restrictions on Covid-19 protocols issued by the relevant minis­try of health. Currently, some neighbouring countries and regional countries restarted the tourism industry with var­ious service forms for earning incomes for their nations and for businesspersons.


Indeed, the tourism sec­tor contributes to the improve­ment of the service sector which helps increase the State Gross Domestic Product-GDP, creating job opportunities in relevant areas. Hence, local people can earn income for their families. It is a basic factor in booming the State economy and the private sector.


Some neighbouring coun­tries earn thousands of millions of US dollars from the tour­ism industry at a time when Myanmar’s tourism industry delayed to improve due to un­stable situations, terror acts and armed conflicts based on political changes. Hence, it is necessary to take lessons from such events for shaping a bet­ter future for the State.


Only when the whole tourism sector resumes operations, can employees from hotel and lodging services, transport service, tour­ism service, restaurant service, tour guide service, entertainment and souvenir production industries and other sectors earn incomes as usual. As such, all the national people should strive for ensuring peace and stability in the regions, prevalence of law and order and resumption of the tourism sector.


It is necessary to attract travellers to relevant regions, build infrastructures for the tourism industry, create new tourist desti­nations, take information about the tourism market online on time and provide services to travellers online. If so, the tourism industry of Myanmar will have developed to some extent. To do so, all the people including businesspersons from the tourism industry need to participate in the tasks to boom tourism services.


Myanmar is located between the two countries with the world’s largest populations and Thailand where people are keen to pay visits to significant places. As the number of travellers across the nation showed there were 60.7 million Chinese travellers and 35.4 million Thai citizens travelling throughout the world. Hence, Myanmar needs to revitalize the whole tourism sector for the interests of the State and the people.