Remove the danger of narcotic drugs for the future of youths

Since the post-independence era, Myanmar has been emphasizing the eradication of narcotic drugs as a national duty. Tatmadaw launched Moe Hein, Nga Ye Pan, Taung Yan Shin, Taung Htaik Pann, and Aung Moe Hein military operations from September 1975 to April 1988, joining hands with Myanmar Police Force and the people.


As among 28 special drug eradication operations were conducted during the period from 2013 to 31 March 2020 when the synchronized operation namely “Operation 1511” was launched by six MoU countries. In a bid to eradicate narcotic drugs as much as possible, Tatmadaw, Myanmar Police Force, and the Drug Enforcement Division of MPF participated in the military operation. In this regard, an honourable achievement showed seizures of more than 193 million of stimulant tablets, more than 500 kilos of Ice, precursor chemicals used in refining drugs, and other related accessories worth more than K414 billion.


In the tenure of the State Administration Council, Myanmar, being a member of ASEAN, cooperates with other ASEAN member countries, joining the ASEAN drug enforcement ministerial meeting, drug enforcement ASEAN senior officer meeting, ASEAN aviation interception corps meeting, ASEAN seaport drug enforcement corps meeting, and the ASEAN drug surveillance network meeting.


 Moreover, Myanmar seeks technical and equipment aid and exchange of information about narcotic drugs with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime-UNODC, Australian Federal Police-AFP, Drug Enforcement Administration-DEA, China National Narcotics Control Commission-NNCC, and Office of the Narcotics Control Board-ONCB of Thailand.


Drug trafficking poses threats to the prosperity and life of human beings. Narcotic drugs push some youths in the wrong ways. Those drug addicts dare to commit any crimes. If they see incentives to get narcotic drugs, they do not consider anything to be committed.


Drug traffickers target the youths as their victims. Myanmar has signed three conventions related to narcotic drug eradication, enacted laws related to combatting narcotic drugs, formed drug enforcement bodies, and drawn projects for fighting narcotic drugs. Currently, the Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control has been formed with 19 members to control the enforcement of drugs. Relevant ministries operate 26 drug addict treatment departments, 47 drug addict treatment units, and 51 methadone-giving units for the rehabilitation of drug addicts.


The narcotic drug is a terrible hindrance to enhancing the longevity of the entire people and uplifting of the education sector. Only when youths can avoid the danger of narcotic drugs will they achieve the success they have chosen. As such, the government and the people are to join hands in eradicating narcotic drugs as a national duty.