Rubber price from Homalin drips

December 16


The prices of rubber from Homalin Township, Sagaing Region dropped in these days, said Daw Su Su Htway, head of the Homalin Township Agriculture Department.


“Rubber price earlier fetched K1,010 per pound. The price of rubber has dropped to K980 per pound at present. The price has somewhat plunged. The domestic rubber market slightly declined as the global rubber market downturn. But, the growers expected that the price will be upright again. The domestic rubber price is positively related to the global market,” said Daw Su Su Htway.


Rubber from Homalin earlier fetched K1,010 per pound. The price of rubber has decreased to K980 per pound at present. Last year, the price of rubber from Homalin was K800 per pound, which is fetched more than this year.


The rubber sheets from Homalin Township are delivered to the Mandalay market. The cultivation cost of the rubber plantation is over K500,000 per acre and it is yielded about 500 or 600 pounds per acre of rubber plantation. About 300,000 pounds of natural rubber are yearly produced in Homalin township.


More than 200 acres of rubber has been cultivated in Homalin Township since 2015. The acres grew year over year, and the number of rubber acres reached 8,187 in 2021, according to the township Agriculture Department. — Lu Lay/GNLM