Seek experiences shared by seniors

December 06


You may have experiences that while walking or cycling or riding something, someone overtakes them. If so, you should not be downhearted at that event but you should have held up a concept that as you do not stop at the point for a while, you would have more chances to overtake the former person.


Those who wish to secure success should have to put any investments into their missions. It means everybody needs to make deserved efforts for winning the victory in all aspects. They have to uplift their capacity to be able to overcome any challenges in their missions. Any success cannot be achieved without making effort.


As a Myanmar proverb goes: “The grass which can be run over thrives more”, the persons who overcome challenges and difficulties at various levels would have the chance to enjoy the sweet taste of their missions. It is designed to return the deserved award for them.


Moreover, nobody will stop on their standing point forever. All the people are trying their best to reach their goals. In the other ward, everybody is struggling for their survival among others not to be late in marching towards the goals. In the way of the mundane world, the people who could try to survive themselves are sure to meet their goals. While surviving, opponents will be left behind unintentionally.


No one should be depressed about the losses. In the secular world, everybody has chances more than one to build their lives. As such, even those who fell several times will have the chance to build them up repeatedly. As such, everybody should hold up a concept that even if they lose many times, they have to utilize the remaining chances to reach the missions.


Anyone should seek advice from close friends for marching to their missions. These suggestions and advice may be bitter for them but these will be sweeter then. For example, bitter medicines will be more potent. Likewise, everybody should seek bitter advice and suggestions beneficial for them to secure success in life.


All in all, all the arenas in society are formed with seniors and juniors. The seniors are responsible for handing over their invaluable experiences to the juniors. Such kinds of experiences may be bitter for the juniors but they have to adorably and delightedly embrace the bitter things to be applied in their lifespans for surviving themselves en route to their goals.