Take care of counterfeit cosmetic products for beauties

May 04


The Department of Food and Drug Administration in Myanmar issued an announcement on 10 April 2024, listing 30 inappropriate cosmetics found in ASEAN countries. It is because these cosmetics contain prohibited chemicals that can be harmful to users and have not been registered with the FDA.


The announcement warned that these prohibited chemicals can cause skin itching, swelling of body organs, white and red blotches, numbness, muscle tremors, fatigue, headaches, depression, and more. Prolonged use of these cosmetics may lead to kidney degradation and other health issues.


Counterfeit cosmetic products aim to imitate the best brands and top-selling products in the domestic and international markets in global countries, constituting a significant industry worldwide. Despite efforts by authorities to seize counterfeit cosmetics, the industry continues to thrive.


According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development-OECD, the global trade in counterfeit cosmetic products has been increasing since 2013, reaching an estimated value of US$5.4 billion in 2016. Such data showed the booming counterfeit cosmetic business across the nation.


Cosmetics are popular among women of all ages, and they are used to enhance their facial and body features and attract others. While effective in charming audiences and friends on various occasions, it is crucial for users to choose the best and most appropriate cosmetics for their skin type and needs. Otherwise, they may suffer significant losses not only in terms of their appearance but also in their health and well-being.


Whenever departmental officials check a variety of cosmetic products in the domestic market, they find smuggled cosmetic products, products with prohibited chemicals, invalid ones, and low-quality products. A variety of cosmetic brands enter Myanmar through legal and illegal channels, with many produced by neighbouring countries. While some of these products are safe and suitable for users, unscrupulous businesses import counterfeit and invalid cosmetic products into the domestic market without regard for the health and safety of Myanmar citizens.


Relevant departments and authorities periodically announce inappropriate cosmetic products and take action against importers and violators of existing laws. However, consumers must also take responsibility by checking the cosmetics labels to ensure they are registered, valid, and not counterfeit before making a purchase. By doing so, they can avoid the harmful effects of inappropriate and dangerous cosmetics and choose products that enhance their beauty while safeguarding their health.