How to keep building your vocabulary

1.WE have an old saying as regards knowledge, learning, education and wealth. If informally interpreted into English, I think, it will read as follows: —
Study reveals that COVID-19 virus might increase risk of type 1 diabetes in children
ACCORDING to a new study, testing positive for SARSCoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is linked to a higher risk of new-onset type 1diabetes in children and teenagers.
How to Solve Study Routine Abhnormality
IN the modern world, it can be possibly said that study and exams often go hand in hand to test whether a student has got an achievement in any subject that he studied, .............
Collectively participate in combatting fake news and false information
Media is of great importance in Myanmar’s endeavours of building a democratic nation in a discipline-flourishing multiparty democratic system. The role of the media is the fourth estate to ensure executive, ..............
The forgotten lost tribe of Myanmar

Covid-19 reduces placenta’s immune response: Study
A CCORDING to a study, if a woman catches COVID-19 during her pregnancy, the infection, no matter how slight, affects the placenta’s immune response to further infections.
China’s anti-COVID approach demonstrates unwavering human rights commitment
CHINA has made it clear that it will adhere firmly to its zero-COVID strategy that has proven both pragmatic and effective.