A Glimpse of two Myanmar Sar Texts for Matric Students (1968-69 to 1985-86) and current Grade XII students
Schools throughout the country have reopened for the new academic year. And the ‘inaugural’ new Matric (Grade XII) results have been issued on 11 June 2024.
The Burma Circle of the Geological Survey of India and their Contributions to the Geology of Myanmar

After Getting Well Matured
Mature individuals have a unique way of handling life’s uncertainties. Unlike many, they can endure and face unexpected challenges with courage and calmness.
Knowledge: the guiding light in life
Everyone has heard a Myanmar proverb our elders repeat to encourage the pursuit of knowledge: Knowledge is a golden urn which no thief can steal.
Why does Myanmar need the People’s Military Service Law?

Saya Maung Khin Min’s significant contributions to Myanmar Sar and a query regarding the usage of သူမ