The unique fourth estate, Myanmar Press Council

THE press councils can be seen in various forms in most of the democratic countries throughout the world to protect the freedom of media and the interests and rights of media personnel and the people.
Create pleasant and stable environs for experienced employees

11 November

Do meritorious deeds while taking care of the COVID-19 pandemic
THE Buddhist Lent has already ended. Most of the Buddhist people in Myanmar have enjoyed the Thadingyut lighting festival during the three days starting from the eve of the full moon of Thadingyut, the full moon of Thadingyut and the day after full moon day.
Beware of silent killer diabetes in daily life
EVERYBODY wishes to be healthy in line with a Myanmar saying goes, “Health is Wealth”. It is because those who are unhealthy cannot embrace any happiness while packing the burden of diseases.
Don’t give up on the dangers of COVID-19 and terrorism
DIGITS of infection rate and death toll triggered by COVID-19 are shown with the declines day by day as scheduled to reach less than five per cent.
Build a healthy, wealthy and thriving world for all peoples
THE United Nations founded by the global countries in 1945 aims to serve the global people to grasp peace and security. So, the Myanmar people prayed for the best wishes for better realization of the UN’s goals that genuinely reflect the needs of people in the current era.
Solve crisis, overcome challenges for grasping opportunities for life
EVERYBODY, every organization, every society, every country, etc has to overcome difficulties and challenges. As such, it is necessary to take an adequate time to analyze the root cause of difficulties.