Honour the great benefactor of the vaccine of rabies  

Louis Pasteur, who is best known for his development of pasteurization and vaccines for rabies and anthrax, is a
COVID-19, unequal recovery cost 3 years’ worth of development progress: UN chief

Don’t forget the national duty to eradicate narcotic drugs
Problems of narcotic drugs which have been posing danger to all kinds of humanity throughout the world are
Shoulder duty of fine arts for future generations

Efficiently apply social media to escape from the lives of trafficked victims
Although the scientists aimed to benefit society through the creation of social media, it brings unprecedented many bad
Avoid bad impacts causing depletion of the ozone layer
The ozone layer covers the planet Earth with a fragile shield of gas, to be able to stay away from the harmful rays which fall from the
Make all-out efforts for boosting agricultural and livestock products
As an agri-based country, the people of Myanmar are engaging in livestock farms in addition to agricultural farms in order to