Trade worth $ 50.438 million handled at two trade zones

September 05, 2022


According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, the trade volume worth US$ 50.438 million was handled at Myawady and 105th-mile Muse trade zones.

During the period from 13 to 19 August, Myawady trade zone exported goods worth of $11.008 million and imported $26.932 million worth of goods, with a total trade volume of $37.940 million.
Compared to the previous week’s operations, export volume increased by $0.675 million and imports by $2.594 million, resulting in an increase in the $1.269 million worth trade volume.

In the group of agricultural produce, the export value of rice powder, chilli pepper, and cabbage decreased by $0.159 million, while the export value of aquatic products, including variety of fish, shrimp, crab, and eel exports decreased by $0.78 million.

In the animal products group, the value of live cattle exports decreased by $0.327 million.
In export of other goods, the cost of goods decreased by $0.079 million, but the finished industrial goods increased by $0.844 million.

As for imports this week, the value of the investment group decreased by $0.337 million and the value of the industrial raw materials group decreased by $0.357 million, while the value of the consumer goods group increased by $1.288 million.

To meet and exceed the trade volume target from the Myawady Trade Zone, officials are coordinating with relevant departments and organizations to promote trade in a timely manner.
Similarly, exports from the Muse 105th-mile trade zone on the Myanmar-China border from 13 to 18 August amounted to $7.206 million. Imports reached $5.292 million and total trade volume reached $12.498 million.

Compared to the operation of the previous week, the export value increased by $0.543 million and the import value decreased by $0.143 million, so the trade volume increased by $0.40 million.
The export value was higher than the activity of the previous week because more rice, green beans, ginger and rubber were exported this week.

Import value decreased due to very few amount of steel and related machines, farming machines and chemicals are being imported but more motorcycle spare parts, corrugated iron sheets, paper, bulbs and lamps, agricultural trailers, other vehicles, and petroleum products were imported in a mass number.
This week, Mandalay-Muse freight rates for rice, green beans, and rubber is 200 kyats per Kg. According to the Muse 105th-Mile Trade Zone, one bag of imported humus is K4,900-K5,000, and the transportation charges have not changed as per the previous week.—TWA/GNLM