Traditional leather footwear industry faces extinction

The traditional leather footwear industry is on the verge of extinction in the Kanbya Village-tract, Monywa Township, Sagaing Region, according to local manufacturers.

“Leather slippers were selling well this time last year. But, sales are low this year. The price of raw materials for making footwear is stable, but we are spending more on labour charges. There is a shortage of labour in the leather slipper industry. Most of the labourers are going to work in India, where they can earn more money. Leather slippers have a high demand in summer. However, the footwear business has been on the decline since 2016,” said U Myo, ‘Sein Naryi’ footwear manufacturer from Ywataw Village, Kanbya Village-tract.

Earlier, about 50 shoe makers worked in the leather slipper industry in the villages of Kanbya village-tract. But now, there are only 10 shoe makers working in the traditional industry because slippers are being imported at a cheaper price.— Win Oo 
(Zeyar Taing) (Translated by Hay Mar)