The unique fourth estate, Myanmar Press Council

November 26


THE press councils can be seen in various forms in most of the democratic countries throughout the world to protect the freedom of media and the interests and rights of media personnel and the people.


The government is placing emphasis on the duty and functions of the Myanmar Press Council as the media is recognized as the fourth estate which monitors the legislative, executive and judicial estates for perpetual righteousness and supports them under criticism and suggestions.


The Myanmar Press Council is responsible for helping media personnel cover and publishes the information in a free manner and for disseminating the correct and accurate information to the people.


In retrospect, Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, in his capacity of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, met with the Myanmar Press Council two times in 2014, three times in 2015, two times in 2016 and two times in 2018 to enhance the relations between the Tatmadaw and the media personnel.


In meeting with members of the Myanmar Press Council the other day, the Prime Minister affirmed that he would try to continuously fulfil the needs of the Myanmar media arena in accord with the media ethics to contribute to the improvement of socio-economic life of the people, to improve the news and media technologies on a wider scale and to be able to grasp the opportunities for pursuing the modern media technologies meeting the international standards and ethics.


Media and periodicals should serve the national and State interests but represent a group of persons or an organization. It is necessary to transform the soul of each media person in the subjectivity into the objectivity. The media is of great importance in the dissemination of knowledge and critical thinking about democracy to the people and paving the way of education for all youths to become educated youths.


The media is a primary estate for turning out the educated generations with correct attitudes and ideologies to be able to lead the State’s future as part of efforts for ensuring peace, stability and development of the country.


The media arena should not have reliance over others, attachment and colours and must be free from any influences. If so, media personnel adhering to the ethics and laws will have the chance to disseminate the true information to the people. GNLM