Weekly update prices of Bayintnaung Commodity Market

Rising prices of essential commodities have marked the trading landscape in the Yangon market from August 9th to 15th. Notable increas­es have been observed in the wholesale rates of rice, pigeon pea, black gram, onions, palm oil, sugar, jaggery, garlic, and more during this period.


Sugar and Jaggery

Sugar prices have surged to K3,450 per viss in wholesale. NyaungU jaggery, incorporat­ing chemical additives, is now priced at K4,050 per viss.



The Yangon market wel­comed a substantial influx of regional onions, totalling 96,000 visses on August 15th. Wholesale prices for Seikphyu and Monywa onions ranged from K1,800 to K2,500 per viss, contingent upon size and quali­ty. This price range represents the highest for onions in 2023, with regional markets record­ing prices exceeding K2,300 per viss.



Shan garlic has been priced at K7,500 per viss for S2, K8,000 for S3, K8,500 for S4, and K9,000 for S5 in the Yangon market. Kyukok garlic is fetching K7,800 per viss.



In the Yangon potato mar­ket, Chinese potatoes have been listed at a wholesale price of K2,450 per viss.


Chilli Pepper

August 15th witnessed Eainme and Panye long chil­li peppers priced at approx­imately K11,000–K12,500 per viss in the Yangon market. Sinphyukyun and delta region bell peppers were valued at K18,500–K19,000 per viss.



Retail demand surged for rice on August 15th. The price per bag of multi-cropped rice was K73,000, the 90-day rice variety stood at K83,000, and the Pawkywe rice variety was priced at K95,000. Pawsan rice variants ranged from K110,000 to K145,000 per bag, contingent upon the rice’s origin.


Palm Oil

Despite a stable wholesale reference price of K4,350 per viss from August 14th to 20th, the actual wholesale price on August 15th stood at K9,500 per viss in the Nyaungpinlay mar­ket of Lanmadaw. Meanwhile, Mandalay market recorded K10,000 per viss and Meiktila oil market observed K9,800 per viss on the same day.


Beans and Pulses

In the second week of August, black gram fetched K2,399,000 per tonne for RC and K2,589,000 per tonne for SQ/RC. Green gram (Kayan Shwewah variety) stood at K3,500 per viss, Pakokku va­riety ranged from K3,665 to K3,750 per viss, and half of chickpeas commanded prices between K5,800 and K6,200 per viss. — TWA/CT