Welcome a plan of YRTC for YBS passengers

On a recent day, a news item came out on social media, mentioning the plan of the Yangon Region Public Trans­port Committee-YRTC to take action against offenders of YBS bus lines.


As for a news item, it is a regular function of relevant organ­izations. But, the YBS bus lines are being operated to provide transport services to the people, mostly in Yangon city on a daily basis. But, now is the time for the YRTC to improve its services as public transport for the people.


In Myanmar, varieties of laws have been enacted till today but these are not enough for all.


 Hence, governments in successive eras have been promulgating the laws one after another aimed at protecting the entire people in the legal frameworks against unnecessary impacts and effects from some expected events.


On 20 January 2023, the YRTC held meeting No 19 on the safety of YBS drivers at its office.


On the occasion, an official of the committee revealed the plan of YRTC to hand own fine punishment against the YBS drivers who attempted to overtake each other on the roads as of 1 February.


Such news deserved to be welcomed by all. The meeting decision fulfilled the require­ment of taking action against offenders of traffic rules en­forcement. Everybody knows the acts of reckless drivers may cause dangerous events. These may harm anyone, es­pecially road users on the roads as well as aboard bus­es and other small or large vehicles.


Everybody loves their lives. They all are worried about suffering from pains from injuries triggered by something. Anyone who faced traffic accidents may suffer from serious or unserious in­juries. Unfortunately, the traf­fic victims may lose their lives. Practically, anybody does not wish to face such incidents in their lives while using roads or riding buses or vehicles. That is why the YRTC decided to punish the YBS drivers who did not follow the restrictions with a fine of K10,000 for each violation for overtaking each other.


Moreover, the official of YRTC stressed the need for keeping buses neat and tidy for the convenience of passengers as the public transport system requires traffic safety and good transport service. The committee arranges using telematics devices and deploying inspection teams to monitor the moves of YBS buses and whether they violate the rules.


If so, the public transport service in the commercial hub of Yangon City will have developed soon. In fact, success cannot be achieved easily. So, both YBS employments and road user people are to abide by the prescribed traffic rules for saving their lives and limbs forever.