Well-wishers provide foodstuff to people with irregular income in Minbu

Minbu, 23 September


An event to present foodstuff to the families who have very limited and irregular income amid the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic was held at the meeting room of the Township General Administration Department in Minbu, Magway Region on 22 September.


At the event, the region government Chief Minister U Tint Lwin delivered an opening speech and clarified the purposes of the provision of food ration for people who have limited income. 


Under this food supply program, people with irregular income from 1350 households from wards in the Town received foodstuff such as rice, cooking oil, salt, onions and eggs. People with irregular income in the Town also received 10 sets of Masks each.


Afterwards, the region government CM and officials looked round the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 at the designated vaccination sites in the town and gave words of encouragement to the people.—Maung Maung(Minbu)
Translated by JT