Work in concert to prevent natural disasters as much as possible

August 16,2022


MYANMAR’S governments in successive eras have been emphasizing the growing of saplings in pre-monsoon, early monsoon and mid-monsoon seasons in order to sustain forest resources, conserve biodiversity and green the environment through collaborative efforts of the people.


While Myanmar is striving for responding to global warming by growing trees so as to rejuvenate the forests and green the en­vironment through green campaigns participated by people from all walks of life, regional countries such as Pakistan, Vietnam and the Philippines are also raising the green campaigns in various plans to green their environments.


The Myanmar government has set a plan to grow 30.57 million saplings in the whole monsoon through public participation. As such, relevant ministries have accomplished the plan of growing saplings against the target at the end of July this year. This being so, it is nec­essary to emphasize nurturing the saplings to have full growth with successful flourishing.


Currently, the role of forests is very crucial in re­sponding to climate change across the world. It is because a hectare of forest can store 53.2 metric tons of carbon. The findings of research work showed that whole forests across the world can store more than 200 billion metric tons of carbon, absorbing more than 16.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.


Truly, humans and forests are interrelated with each other. Human nurtures and establishes forests to have benefits from forests such as extracting forest products, shade, greening environs and natural resources. On the oth­er hand, forests rely on hu­mans for their sustainability. The efforts of humans are very beneficial for nurturing and growing forests.


Nonetheless, Myanmar is included on the list of vul­nerable countries facing the impacts of climate change. As consequence, the climate change on irregular arrival and departure of monsoon may affect the agricultural sector of the nation.


As such, Myanmar has prepared many measures to be taken against natural disasters. It is necessary to organize the rescue and relief teams for the victims of natural disasters. Hence, all strata of the people need to participate in the rehearsals of relief and rescue measures before the disasters.


Disasters may fall on the world at any time. The peoples re­siding throughout the world may face disasters in all seasons. It is unavoidable. But they have to make concerted efforts for preventing disasters as much as possible to be able to survive.