Yangon Region Minister for Development Affairs inspects development tasks in Thanlyin Township


January 24,2022

YANGON Region Development Minister U Bo Htay yesterday morning discussed the upgrad¬ing of roads in Thanlyin Town¬ship and inspected the flood control works and the trade in the Thanlyin Myoma Market. 

Firstly, the Minister and party inspected the construc¬tion site of Thiri Road’s brick drain in North Myoma Ward, Thanlyin Township and in¬structed officials to collect gar¬bage and waste in Lanmadaw Road which continues to flow from the drains and to improve the access road from houses during construction. 

Next, the Minister inspect¬ed the construction work of the 70 feet long, 40 feet wide and 32 feet high three-story office building inside the Thanlyin Township Development Com¬mittee office. 

At Thanlyin Myoma Mar¬ket, he inspected the 480 feet long, 16 feet wide and 2 inch thick asphalt concrete paving of the market road and 320 feet long, 14 feet wide, and two inches thick asphalt concrete paving of the warehouse road. 
The Minister also inspect¬ed the systematic settlement of shops in the fish farm in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines and ordered to man¬age the proper flow of water in drains. 

After that, the Minister viewed expansion of Bogyoke Ne Win Street between Kyai¬kkhauk Pagoda Road traffic light and the hospital and in¬spected concrete road exten¬sion and construction of drain-age cover. Next, he looked into paving of 1.5-inch thick asphalt concrete on the road.—MNA