Yangon’s gold embroidery sales revive, attracting foreign buyers

The sale of gold embroideries has re­gained momentum in Yangon, a key mar­ket for such items, according to Daw Yamin Thu, Managing Director of Shwe Gon Thu Souvenir Shop in Bahan Township, Yan­gon. Gold embroideries from Myanmar primarily attract foreign buyers, and since early 2023, demand has been resurging.


“The 14 square inches gold embroi­dery paintings are popular, especially as gifts. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, there were 40 different designs available for this size. However, during the Covid-19 period in 2021, sales completely stopped. Only in late 2022, on arrival of some foreign trav­ellers, did the market for gold embroidery items begin to show slight activity. In 2024, the industry is operating, although sales volumes have not yet reached pre-pan­demic levels. Currently, we offer only 200 paintings with seven designs. Since most travellers are Thai, gold embroideries fea­turing the Shwedagon Pagoda and the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda are popular,” explained Daw Yamin Thu. The designs predomi­nantly showcase Myanmar traditions, in­cluding the Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar traditional music orchestras, peacocks, Myanmar bullock carts, Karaweik, pairs of Myanmar mythical birds, Buddhist monks on alms rounds, traditional drums, and related musical instruments, a flock of deer, and puppets. — ASH/ TMT