Yankin housing project to emerge as new image of Yangon urban development

14 April


The news that Yangon region government and Japanese government are going to cooperate in the reconstruction of Yankin housing project located in Yankin Township is coming into view at a time when collaborative efforts are being made for Yangon urban development.


Yangon regional parliamentarians together with the officials of Departments of Urban and Housing Development held talks with the dwellers residing in Yankin housing about Yankin house project on 10 February in 2019. During the discussions, the officials explained detailed plan for the new housing project and temporary living cost assistance to be given to the current dwellers during the project period.


Actually, Yankin housing project was established in 1954 and it has existed for about 65 years. Now the durability of the housing apartments has degraded gradually. Even some apartments have been in ruins. The deteriorating conditions of the current Yankin housing may bring about possible danger to the residents at any time. For that reason, the situation calls for enhancement of Yangon urban development image.


It’s true that it is required to implement Yankin housing reconstruction project to raise standard of living and provide secure living for the dwellers.


Yangon Housing Project has an area of about 90 acres and Yankin area covers 1 to 6 wards with 3261 rooms. Of them, 1,089 have extended shelters. There are also more than 600 squats, according to the data collected by the Departments of Urban and Housing Development.


Yankin Housing Project will be re-implemented and more than 3,000 rooms will be reconstructed. The reconstruction project will be undertaken in line with the required standards alongside improved utilities.


Cash assistance will be issued to the residents currently living at Yankin Housing to be spent on hiring an apartment in other places during the project period when the new project begins. The officials said during the meeting with the dwellers that they would arrange a mutually convenient cash assistance to spend on hiring an apartment in other places since the construction period may take a quite number of years.


After the housing project has been finished, those who are currently living will be resettled and systematic measures are now being taken.


Townships are divided in Yangon urban development. Yangon urban development covers the area conserving current urban natural environment system, the designated areas preserving urban development, the area concentrating historical heritages, the area upgrading urban development and the area redeveloping urban improvements.


Yankin Township includes in the area redeveloping urban improvements. This is why Yankin Redevelopment Housing Project can be regarded as Yangon urban development is systematically carried out. The officials are making strenuous efforts to implement Yankin Housing Project as one of the top strategic priorities.


Yankin is one of the townships that new developing images are enormously emerging now and has gained speed in the development current facilitating international high-rise housing, hotel projects, shopping malls, international high-class office rooms and new high-rising housing projects.


Yankin Housing Project will come into sight alongside a new image of Yangon urban development soon as it will be jointly carried out by Yangon regional government and Japan in Yankin Township where the hustle and bustle of the city life can be seen with a series of construction services full of local and foreign investments.


Translated by Htut Htut (Twantay)