Outstanding students honored in Mingaladon Twsp.

A ceremony to honor outstanding students who passed with distinctions in 2021-2022 Academic year’s matriculation examination was held at the meeting hall of B.E.H.S.-1 in Mingaladon Township, ................
Officials inspect completion of concrete road in Taungoo Township
Officials from the Township Department of Development inspected the completion of a concrete road in Zayatkyi Village in Taungoo Township, Bago Region this morning.
Senior citizens receive social pension in Paikyone sub-Township
Officials from the Township Department of Social Welfare under Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement disbursed social pension to senior citizens aged 85 and above in Paikyone sub-Township, Kayin State on 23 September.
Well-wishers provide foodstuff to people with irregular income in Minbu
An event to present foodstuff to the families who have very limited and irregular income amid the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic was held at the meeting room of the Township General Administration Department in Minbu, ...............
Fire drill orchestrated in Mudon Township
An awareness talk about the danger of fire was held in the compound of the B.E.H.S.-1 in the Town of Mudon, Mon State this morning in conjunction with a fire drill.
How to Solve Study Routine Abhnormality
IN the modern world, it can be possibly said that study and exams often go hand in hand to test whether a student has got an achievement in any subject that he studied, .............
Collectively participate in combatting fake news and false information
Media is of great importance in Myanmar’s endeavours of building a democratic nation in a discipline-flourishing multiparty democratic system. The role of the media is the fourth estate to ensure executive, ..............